Our Story

Stuck Inside

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, our founder, Josh, began spending more time at home. He was amazed by how important towels were in his daily routines. He couldn’t avoid using paper towels or his slow drying, threading, and shabby terry-cloth towels, but a quick look at the options online left him feeling overwhelmed and disappointed.

Designing something better

Trained as an architect, Josh took his towel issue as a design challenge and set out to create something better. Over the course of a year, he talked to manufacturers, fiber companies, towel designers, doctors, and textile experts—absorbing (like a great towel!) as much information as he could about how towels are made. This led him to team up with some of the best in the industry to create a new range of towels. He started Fiberologies to share his journey and bring the towels he designed to a wider audience.

Why Fiberologies?

On his journey to learning everything about towels, Josh quickly realized the importance of the raw materials that go into towel making. Fibers are the key element that determine how a towel feels and performs. Our brand name “Fiberologies” shows our dedication to the study and mastery of this critical building block in towel production.