Why Fiberologies are the best towels for 2022 and beyond

Fiberologies Lineup of towelsFiberologies Lineup of towels for daily rituals

As a consumer you have a lot of choice when it comes to shopping for towels, but we believe Fiberologies line of towels have the perfect mix of functionality, durability and beauty to be a splendid addition to your modern home in 2022 and beyond.

The best sustainable materials

Fiberologies Raw Materials

The most important factor in determining the quality of a towel is the raw materials that go into it.

A towel made with low quality cotton, can feel rough, can be non-absorbent, thread more, and can start to disintegrate after multiple washes. 

At Fiberologies we go through a careful process of reviewing the raw materials that go into our towels. We look at multiple thread options and suppliers and determine which will offer the best combination or performance, sustainability and price.

We are always willing to look at non-traditional materials, like the Ramie fibers we use in our Mess Eraser Towel, which is a sustainable alternative to the conventionally farmed cotton used in many industrially produced towel products.

Specific weaves for superior performance

Fiberologies Hand Dryer towel

Once we’ve selected the best materials for the job, we have to determine the best way to weave those raw-threads together for optimum towel performance. Because each of our towels is designed for a specific ritual in our daily lives, we use the selected ritual to guide us to the right weave. 

Most generic face towels use the same rough and plush terry cloth weave they would use on a bath towel.  Our Face Washer towel that is designed for washing your face,uses a combination of a smooth gauze weave and very tight small terry cloth loops. The gauze weave is super gentle and yet dense enough to not let different face wash products seep through the material while the terry cloth provides just enough absorbency for when you need to dry your face after rinsing.

A towel like our Hand Dryer needs to strike the right balance of soft hand feel, absorbency and quick drying. That meant rather than sticking with a traditional terry cloth weave we chose to use a double gauze construction, keeping enough absorbency to get the water off your hands, while also letting air to flow through the towel to help improve drying speeds between uses.

Skillfully made in Japan

Fiberologies Factory

There are many countries that offer large scale towel production, but often these factories are inexperienced and don’t have good relationships with thread suppliers as well as not having 

Stringent quality control practices in place, leading to inconsistent product quality. When we were looking for a manufacturing partner for our towels we went with experience. Our partner factory has been making fabric in Japan for over 120 years. They follow rigorous quality control standards and certify all of our towels to the strict Imabari Standard of quality.

Imabari towels must pass a unique “five-second rule” absorbency test. To qualify, towels must soak up liquids fast enough to be fully submerged in water after just five seconds. This high absorbency is only possible when a towel uses premium materials and no artificial softeners.

Timeless designs and styles

Most towels on the market are generic, using the same bland colors and tired styles. We spend time carefully considering the appearance of each of our towels, looking at every detail that helps make our towels visually appealing hanging in any home setting.

Each of our towels features our signature thick edge, this not only helps give our towels a bold look, it also is functional as it helps with durability preventing our towels from coming apart over time.

Our kitchen focused Chef’s Helper towel features an embroidered patchwork pattern that is meant to evoke the wide variety of ingredients that chef’s use and how they may seem different, but always find a way to come together in harmony. The pattern is also functional, helping to hide any stains that may build up over time on the towel.

I need these towels!

The best materials, the perfect weaves, carefully produced in japan and the most beautiful designs, what more could you ask for in a towel? As 2022 comes to a close make the easy choice and upgrade your towels to a set from Fiberologies.

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